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Quotations Bumper Stickers
Ad Infinitum
Good Wine Ad Infinitum (Good Will To Men)

A Forest
A Forest for the Trees

Edward Snowden Quote

Imagine John Lennon
Imagine John Lennon


Legal Advice
Legal Advice

Isaiah 9-10
Isaiah 9:10

The Harbinger
The Harbinger

Rodeo Clown
The Rodeo Clown bumper sticker

TERRORISM: Manipulation Through Fear

A Recent Study
A Recent Study

Do You Know Who I Am
Do you know who I am?

I Fear My Government
I Fear My Government

The Scream
Edvard Munch - The Scream

Out of Print or Unpublished Stickers

If You See Tyranny, Say Tyranny

Truth is a Radical Idea

Troubled Ghost
Truth Is Like A Troubled Ghost

The Raven
Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven

Poetry is the Key
Poetry is the Inside Key

Government IS The Problem - Reagan

Democracy - Less Gov't, More Freedom

A Good Conspiracy

Zappa on The Military Industrial Complex

The Gears of War
The Gears Of War

Preemptive War was an Invention of Hitler

Eisenhower Quote
Ike: If You Want Total Security Go To Prison

Liberty for Safety
Franklin - On Giving up Liberty for Safety

The Spirit of Resistance
Thomas Jefferson: The Spirit Of Resistance

Faceboot - Imagine boot stamping -Orwell

Private Banking
Thomas Jefferson on Private Banking

Resistance to Tyrants
Jefferson - Resistance to Tyrants

We Need Patriots, Not A Patriot Act!

If You Don't Resist Tyranny ...

The Filming of Government Officials

Making Peace
When You Make Peace With Yourself

Nations That Give Up Sovereignty

The Bat
The Right To Bear Arms

The Vote
Those Who Cast The Vote Decide

Politicians Are Like Diapers

Fluoride Causes Cancer

Reagan: Marijuana and Brain Damage

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney - Think Again.

The Future
The Future Is Just A Relative Illusion

Homeland Security Song
Homeland Security Song

No Salvation Becoming Adapted To Crazy World
No Salvation In A Crazy World

Real ID
The Mark Of The Beast

And The Second Angel Poured Out His Vial

Jimmy Carter On UFOs

We Are Spiritual Beings
Spiritual Beings Having Human Experience

Einstein On Driving Safely And A Kiss

Einsteins Equation
Einstein On Politics and Equations

Benjamin Franklin Security
Benjamin Franklin on Freedom and Security

Suppose They Gave A War
Suppose They Gave A War & Nobody Came

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